Currently open for Commissions

Come one, come all!
If sketches and shitty illustrations be what you seek, then seek no more.
This is probably what you want. Maybe. Possibly.
Have I sold you with my insecurities yet?

General Price-ranges:

Sketches                   -         $5

Colored Sketches     -        $10

Quick illustrations   -         $20 

Full illustrations       -         $80

These prices are generally what a commission will cost, though the price will vary depending on what the content is. If it’s a busy image it’ll probably be a little more expensive, if not then it might even be a little cheaper.

If you’d like one of these fine commissions done for you, you can hit me up at:

Note: There are some things I just won’t paint, which I’m sure you’ll understand. Seriously though, no one wants to be known as “that guy”.

Also: Prices may change over time. I’m not quite sure what to set them to at the moment, so, yeah.

"How do use hands?" " Try use brain!"