Currently open for Commissions

About as closed as It could possibly be.

Come one, come all! Feast your Eyes upon….whatever the hell this is.
If sketches and shitty illustrations be what you seek, then seek no more.
This is probably what you want. Maybe. Possibly.
Have I sold you with my insecurities yet?

General Price-ranges:

Sketches                   -         $5

Colored Sketches     -        $10

Quick illustrations   -         $20 

Full illustrations       -         $80

These prices are generally what a commission will cost, though the price will vary depending on what the content is. If it’s a busy image it’ll probably be a little more expensive, if not then it might even be a little cheaper.

If you’d like one of these fine commissions done for you, you can hit me up at:

Note: There are some things I just won’t paint, which I’m sure you’ll understand. Seriously though, no one wants to be known as “that guy”.

Also: Prices may change over time. I’m not quite sure what to set them to at the moment, so, yeah.

"How do use hands?" " Try use brain!"